The voice of alert and alarm on your campus

The Schulmerich g5® Electronic Carillon can play a role beyond just playing music. When configured for campus alert functionality, the Schulmerich g5® Electronic Carillon can become the voice of alert and alarm on your organization’s campus. Capabilities include alert signals, voice commands and live microphone use to provide automatic or custom announcements for a wide range of emergency conditions.

Mass Notification

Activate Alert

The Campus Alert Activate screen gives you a choice of playing any of the 10 pre-selected Campus Alert Playlists, or you can play any individual alert by touching the “Select Individual Alert” button.

Sample Emergency Alert

The Schulmerich g5® Electronic Carillon Campus Alert system enables educational institutions to reach students, staff and faculty who have opted out of text messaging or email systems, or who may not be near their phone or computer.

The Carillon Campus Alert system also helps to ensure notification of those not be on text and email notification systems, including parents, visitors, faculty and staff, contractors, and community residents.

Equipped with the latest networking technology, the Carillon Campus Alert system can be integrated into your institution’s computer network and activated from any official security computer on campus.

  • Warning signals and sirens
  • More than 30 digital voice commands
  • Live commands via microphone announcements
  • Multiple activation points directly from a trusted remote computer
  • Multiple satellite speaker locations
  • Connect campuses up to five miles apart through telephone wire or fiber optics

The Technology is Pure Schulmerich, the Music Belongs to You.

Schulmerich g5®

Performance Carillon

Carillon Campus Alert