More ways than ever to enjoy the music of bells

7,800 amazing melodies and songs allow you to enjoy your Schulmerich g5 Carillon for life.

  • Library of 7,800 melodies and songs
  • Bell-ringing and clock chime capabilities
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Programming capabilities
  • Web-based access to programming from your PC
  • Rich, sonorous bell tones

Schulmerich’s collection of four (4) performing bells voices is standard on all g5 models

True Cast Bells – Traditional

True Cast Bells – Basic

Flemish Bells

English Bells

This is the True Cast bell sound with realistic clapper impact and decay. The complete 61-note range is included: from the glockenspiel sounds of the upper register, to the low bourdon bells.
Created for the Flemish low-lands of Belgium and Holland, the Flemish bells were quite pleasing and capable of playing harmony, a possibility lacking in the Old English bell. The major tuning of the Flemish bell offers an entire 61-note range that is rich and brilliantly clear.
Old English bells, although tuned to a pitch, were not the perfect bells. Their charm, however, is in the rich and sonorous tones of each bell. English bells are most effective when played as single notes. Melodies on the 37 English bells with Harp accompaniment offer a beautiful option for performance.
Although the 61 Harp Bells are generally used as accompaniment to the other bell voices they are also a beautiful solo voice.

The Technology is Pure Schulmerich, the Music Belongs to You.

Schulmerich g5® Demo Screens

g5 Startup Screen

The Startup Screen shows the current time and date. A password is required to help prevent others from opening, modifying, or deleting your bell-ringing schedule.

Password Screen

Users will be asked to enter their password to view and modify your carillon.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is your entry point for all carillon functions. For more information about the functions, view the “Help” button at the top of every screen.

Library Search

The Library Search allows you to quickly search and view, then Audition/Play any song in the Schulmerich music library.

Playlist Detail

The Playlist Details screen is where you decide how you want a playlist to play each time it is scheduled. You can add or delete songs from the playlist from this screen.

Player Queue

The Player Queue lists what is scheduled to play today and what has already played in the last 23 hours.

Weekly Schedule

The Weekly Schedule screen is where you will program your weekly schedule. You create a weekly schedule by choosing the day(s) of the week, the time(s) of the day and what you want to play at each of those times. After you create a schedule for one day, you can copy that schedule to multiple other days.

Westminster Quarter Strike

Swinging Bells/Peal

This screen allows you to create a single swinging bell or peal of bells. After creating your swinging or peal of bells, you can save it for future use.

One Bell Swinging

 Three Bell Peal

Five Bell Peal

Eight Bell Peal

Manual Bell Tolls

From the Manual Bell Toll screen you can manually toll a bell or bells, or start and stop a tolling bell or bells manually.

Holiday Calendars

The Holiday Calendars screen allows you to activate or deactivate the automatic 99-year Holiday Calendar schedule. You can adjust the scheduling ahead of time for events such as special Holy days, Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve, or weddings, and enable or disable individual calendar entries.

Remote Control Setup

The Remote Control Setup screen allows you to choose the playlist you want to play when you press the corresponding  button on the Schulmerich remote control.

Sound Control

The Sound Control screen allows you to adjust the volume levels of any audio channel that is enabled for this system. There are up to eight (8) independent audio channels, including the built-in monitor speaker channel.

Activate Campus Alert (Option)

The Campus Alert Activate screen gives you a choice of playing any of the 10 pre-selected Campus Alert Playlists, or you can play any individual alert by touching the “Select Individual Alert” button.

Sample Emergency Alert

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Schulmerich g5®

Performance Carillon

Carillon Campus Alert