A Lasting Tribute with the Music of Bells

The first national cemetery to install a carillon was Arlington National Cemetery. Since 1949, the bell sounds have provided lasting, symbolic, and patriotic way of saying thank you to those who served our country. Schulmerich Carillons is proud of our American veterans, and our partnership with businesses and organizations that support them. To date, Schulmerich Carillons has installed more than 140 electronic carillons at veterans facilities around the world.

Verdin’s Bell Towers are specifically designed to preserve and enrich the aesthetic and acoustic qualities of the carillon.  Because we use the same precision in constructing a bell tower as we do in crafting the bells, the towers become cherished landmarks on churches, college campuses, city centers, public parks, and institutions.  Adding a bell tower is an investment in the cultural beauty of your community that will last for generations.

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“While we were at the cemetery we heard taps played on the bells. It was followed by a selection of music that topped off our visit, making it a wonderful experience.”

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