Schulmerich Mass Notification System for Community

The Voice of Direction In Your Community

The Schulmerich g5® Digital Carillon can play a role beyond just playing music. When configured for Community Alert functionality, the g5 can become the voice of direction and warning in your community. Capabilities include sirens, voice commands and live microphone use to provide automatic or custom announcements for a wide range of emergency conditions.

The Schulmerich Community Mass Notification System enables communities or townships to reach citizens or visitors who do not have access to emergency text messaging, email systems, reverse 911, or those who may not be near their phone or computer.

City 1

Sample Community Alerts

Severe Weather

Amber Alert


All Clear


Customization and Remote Capability

Equipped with the latest networking technology, the Mass Notification System can be integrated into your city's computer network and activated from any official security computer.  You have the option of activating any of the pre-programmed warnings or record custom announcements of your own.

You will also benefit from:

  • Warning signals and sirens
  • More than 30 digital voice commands
  • Live commands via microphone announcements
  • Multiple activation points from remote computers
  • Multiple satellite speaker locations
  • Connect multiple locations up to five miles apart through telephone wire or fiber optics

More Functionality and Creativity

Even though the primary design of the Schulmerich g5 Community Mass Notification System is to provide a voice of warning and direction, it can also be used for many other useful purposes.  You can remind citizens in your town square or city park of upcoming activities and events by recording custom announcements and scheduling them to play at certain times of the day.  There are hundreds of uses that can turn your Electronic Carillon into an integral part of your town's every day operations.


Sample Announcements