Cherished Community Landmarks

Throughout the years, Schulmerich® has constructed thousands of noteworthy towers to compliment the prestige of their renowned carillon bells. Today, The Verdin Company™ continues this legacy by giving you the complete package for your cast bells, digital carillons, and clocks. Verdin's bell towers are specifically designed to preserve and enrich the aesthetic and acoustic qualities of our cast bronze bells. Because we use the same precision in constructing a bell tower as we do in crafting bells, our bell towers become cherished landmarks on churches, college campuses, city centers, public parks, and institutions. Adding a Bell Tower is an investment in the cultural beauty of your community—one that will last for generations.

Bell and Clock Towers

The imperial presence of a bell or clock tower immediately creates a "sense of place" in any gathering area. Towers can be constructed of any material to house bells, clocks, and carillons. Verdin™ offers several standard designs as well as the ability to provide a completely customized tower. Built in our factory by skilled craftsmen, towers are then transported to your site and installed by Verdin technicians, who oversee every aspect of the installation.

Bells also make a daily statement that the Church is alive and well in the local community. Verdin has been providing church bell towers for 170 years.

In addition, bell and clock towers are stately presence in your city, university, or community. In many towns, residents have dedicated bells and bell towers as fitting tributes or to mark a special historical date.


Both clock and bell towers play an important role in college life, becoming campus landmarks at distinguished universities across the country. Clock towers, important for keeping daily schedules, are also landmarks and sites of beauty enjoyed by students, faculty, alumni, and the community at large.

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