The Liberty Bell, The Millennium Bell, The World Peace Bell, The 9/11 Memorial Bell: Bells that commemorate significant milestones in the history of mankind or that memorialize tragedies that should always be remembered as a way of honoring the departed. Solemn tolls at National Cemeteries instill pride and reverence for those who sacrificed their lives. In military ceremonies, the Honor Bell is heard as seven clear, solemn peals followed by silence at the end of the memorial service. It is considered the highest form of respect and honor for a fallen hero. These sacred bells connect us in mind and spirit to the individual lives and the events that surrounded them. “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it” (Henry David Thoreau).

Schulmerich® has made electronic carillons for over 80 years. The Schulmerich bell sounds can be heard in many of the nation’s cemeteries and memorials today. With the Schulmerich Classic Plus™ keyboard interface, you have the ability of playing 1-3 bell sounds as well as the option to play the carillon live. The Schulmerich Celebration® has 8 bell sounds and includes a MIDI tie-in feature to any MIDI-equipped organ console.

The Schulmerich g5® digital carillon gives you hourly chimes and over 7,800 pre-recorded melodies that can be played at certain times of the day and according to seasons. You can also manually toll the bell for funerals or memorials. You will also enjoy web-based programmable capabilities, and a collection of four different bell voices.


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