Retirement Community

Communities are strengthened by a sense of belonging and unity by people that care for one another. When each person has a goal to improve the common good around them, communities grow and flourish. They celebrate together. They mourn together. They worship together. They remember together. For centuries, bells have done more than just strike the hourly chime, they help us remember who we are and what our duties are to each other. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)

Retirement Communities enjoy a proud culture forged by people whose long lives and experiences helped build companies, individuals, institutions, people, and even countries. Bells enhance this culture. Hourly chimes, favorite melodies played on a carillon, calls to worship, and even the option to provide live announcements of community events help to enrich the retirement lifestyle.  Since many retirement communities also have their own chapels, having a digital carillon will also enhance worship services through customized ringing and the ability to play the carillon on a MIDI-equipped organ console.

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The Hawthorns Eastbourne Retirement Village East Sussex Carew Road