Bells have provided a stately presence on campuses around the world for hundreds of years. Their presence is synonymous with the dignity and honor associated with higher education. The hourly pealing reminds students of the university’s consecrated nature and that “the goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth” (John F. Kennedy).

A Schulmerich® digital carillon gives a university the unique advantage of projecting the sound of ringing bells over a wide area or even to multiple campuses by utilizing several satellite speakers connected via fiber optics or telephone wire. In addition to hourly chimes, pre-recorded melodies can be played at certain times of the day and according to seasons. The Schulmerich g5® unit also gives campus officials a way to broadcast warnings of imminent danger or severe weather to students and faculty by using the Mass Notification System which has over 30 pre-programmed sirens and voice commands.  A digital carillon is the perfect accent to any tower, clock, or quad.


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