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More Ways Than Ever To Enjoy The Music Of Bells

Few sounds inspire and invite congregation and community to worship like the peal of bells or a favorite hymn—inviting all to join together in worship. Since 1932, when George Schulmerich invented the electronic carillon, churches have been using Schulmerich Carillons to replicate the rich tone of the finest cast bronze bells at a fraction of the cost.

The Schulmerich MIDI Organ Interface transforms your MIDI-capable organ console into a performance controller for your carillon system. You can manually play the bells as part of your organ registration for weddings, funerals, sacred events, recitals, and more.

While the digital organs of today come standard with MIDI capability, Verdin offers the Content MIDI Carillon Consoles where a multi- keyboard controller console is desired. In addition, virtually all digital pianos available today feature the ability to interface with a Schulmerich Digital Carillon.